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Meridian Yoga/Qigong/TaiChi


TCM  Well-being advisor

Natural healthcare practitioner & promotor Vitality Diet advocator

Developer and presenter of series of workshops focusing on various health issues

Qigong Calligraphy explorer

& promotor

Sandra is an Advanced Yoga & TaiChi Qigong Coach,  guest lecturer of Confucius Institute, at BCIT Vancouver,  TaiChi/Qigong

coach and Chinese Calligrapher at Vancouver Classical Chinese Garden. 

Chinese Calligraphy was one of her major subjects at NTU.  

 Sandra has been practising Therapeutic Meridian Yoga, TaiChi, QiGong and Five-Animal-Healing-Dance since she was studying at National Taiwan University.  With some knowledge of Acupuncture/ Meridians and training on Traditional Chinese Medical, Traditional Chinese Well-Being Methods and Vitality Diet, Pain Care  & Intensive Cancer Care training, Sandra developed a series of holistic well-blended Workshops. With a view to share more with the public, she currently runs Workshops in Vancouver BC, and other countries in Asia. Sandra finds great joy in sharing wellbeing methods with other cultures.


To be announced

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