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The instructor: Sandra Lin

Tai Chi started out as an optional Physical Education Course in National Taiwan University.  Sandra then fell in love with this traditional martial arts and over the years studied it in depth under three Master Teachers in Taiwan. Having received eight months of advanced training in theory and teaching techniques in Hong Kong, she was awarded her Master Certification granted by the Hong Kong Tai Chi Institute in 1991. She has also received training in Acupuncture/Acupressure and Meridian theories in Taiwan. It was the intersecting of theories and practices that drew Sandra’s interest to Qigong and 5-Animal-Dance, which hence became her life-long passion. 

Sandra also joined the Yoga Club of the National Taiwan University,  her enlightened Yoga teachers,  Dr. John Lin (林思訓), Acupuncture Doctor and Dr. Edwin Li (李文) Chinese Medical physician, who guided her into the enormous field of Naturopaths, and encouraged her to explore more areas related to Eastern and Western therapeutics.  She is presently an International Advanced Yoga Certification holder.

Teaching a combination of Meridian Yoga,

TaiChi, Qigong, 5-animal-healing-dance & Taoist well-being methods to work with the inner systems of the body. Promote & demo vitality healthy diet. 

More about Sandra’s therapeutic experience:  


  • Being trained on creating Meridian-movements and massaging methods to work with different symptoms for Dr. John Lin’s (林思訓醫師) patients in her 3rd and 4th year in the National University of Taiwan

  • Assistant coach at Yoga Club of National Taiwan University in her 3rd and 4th year

  • TCM and Taoist Wellbeing Methods with Dr. John Lin (林思訓醫師) Acupuncture doctor for 4 years in National Taiwan University, Taiwan

  • TCM with Dr. Chan Nai Kuen (陳乃權中醫師) in Hong Kong 

  • TCM with Consultant therapist, Dr. Sun Zhe Min (孫哲民大夫) in Vancouver, Canada

  • Vitality Diet training in Taiwan : Promotes and demos healthy diet in her workshops and individuals,  she believes natural & clean food is the best medication

  • Exploring Eastern & Western Herbs and Aromatherapy working on cancer rehab and prevent since 1998

  • Pain Care Yoga with Neil Pearson, Physiotherapist,  Yoga Therapist, Clinical Faculty UBC

  • Intensive Cancer Care Yoga Therapy with Chandrika Gibson, Yoga Therapist of Australian Therapist Association

  • Healing Theories with Simon Low, Original Director of London Triyoga Academy

  • TaiChi Qigong Healing  with Chief TaiChi Master Choi Yui Fun, Hong Kong TaiChi Institute

  • Intensive Breathing Methods with Mark Whitwell, one of the world’s finest Yoga Teacher, and with Max Strom, Master Breathing Healing Teacher

  • Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark, Master Yin Yoga Teacher

  • Yin & Yang Yoga with Simon Low, Director of London Yoga Academy

  • 5-Animal-Dance/Animal Frolics DaoYin/Qigong  with Master Fu Han-Xiao, TaiPei, Taiwan

  • Breath, Life Force intensive  with David Swenson

  • Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga with Tianne  Allan, Yoga Therapist, BC

  • Kundalini Yoga with Gloria Latham, a Teacher of Joy, a  Teacher of Life, a Teacher of Detoxification

  • Energy Healing with Jan Morrissey & Kimiko Karpoff of The Healing Pathway Society, Canada

  • Light Healing with Jennifer Xie  (謝宛蓁) XinZhu, Taiwan

  • Chinese medical, herbs and reprocessing with Dr. Jun Hsiao, TaiPei, Taiwan



Sandra has been teaching Tai Chi and Therapeutic Yoga in Vancouver BC  since 1993.  Her course is uniquely different from others due to her combination of Meridian Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and 5-Animal-Dance, and her emphasis on promoting health via vitality diet and self-acupressure. Her profound belief is that people can significantly improve their health by practicing these traditional exercises regularly, and her goal is to share these skill-sets to members of the public.

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