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Much thanks to Sandra for her seasonal advice. She told us each food has it's own nature such as hot, warm, cold in Chinese medical terms. She suggested which is the appropriate time to take the food so that we could have the correct knowledge in taking the right thing at the right time.


Also I practise the qi gong movements she taught me and found very effective in improving my health and those movements only need a limited space.

Sylvia Wong

Hong Kong, 2017

A few years ago, I received private lessons on Yang's Tai Chi from Sandra. Later on, I attended her group lessons on "Movements styled on Five animals" which, I found out, was her major interest. After each class, she would spend time explaining acupuncture points and meridian theory. Slowly, I came to realize that she was trying to improve people's health by using the different movements to stimulate important acupuncture points. Sandra was a very caring and patient teacher who would share her experience and knowledge selflessly. Most recently, due to my health issue, I sought for her help again. She developed for me a series of movement including breathing exercises to strengthen my immune system. I am grateful for her relentless encouragement and constant support, above and beyond what one would expect from a teacher.

Larry Chan

Vancouver, 2017

I am a lung cancer stage 4 patient. It is so lucky to have Sandra as my tutor in Hong Kong in 2017. 


She gave me 2 lessons which include Qigong movement, accupuncture points and meridian. Sandra also provided me knowledge relating to food which are suitable or not suitable to my body. As a result, my health improve a lot. X-ray found out that my lung tumor became less in size.


Even after she left Hong Kong, Sandra constantly gave me advice by phone and email which is much useful for me to maintain good health for the whole life. I deeply appreciate Sandra's full heart support.

Tony Yip

Hong Kong, 2017

I met Sandra at a time when I had given up on finding a solution to my ailing stomach. I had been experiencing extreme stomach aches, was having difficulty eating, and had lost 12 kgs in the span of a year. Sandra was a lifesaver! Her 1-on-1 workshops put me on the path to recovery.


Sandra taught me various small exercises that I could easily integrate into my demanding schedule, all the while explaining how each activity affected my body.


Sandra tailored every session to my specific needs at the time. Though I only saw her once a week, she would check-in with me several times a week to see how I was feeling, and would follow-up with activities accordingly. Sandra also taught me to medicate with food, cooking various meals according to my health at the time. Not only would she prepare meals that made me feel truly amazing, but she also taught me how to cook them myself.


I always left Sandra’s workshops at total peace.


Sandra is truly an incredible teacher, who cares for her clients. I highly recommend Sandra’s workshops for anyone looking for peace of mind.  

Leena Elsheikh

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