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Chinese Calligrapher

Promotor & developer of Chinese Qigong Calligraphy 

  • Studied Chinese Calligraphy as Advanced core course at National Taiwan University

  • Studied under Professor Chen Rui Gen for Chinese Calligraphy in Taiwan

  • Studied under Master Lung Dan Ling for Chinese Painting in Hong Kong

  • Studied under Professor Chan Wai Lek for Chinese Calligraphy in Vancouver

  • QiGong Calligraphy Performance and Chinese Calligraphy Workshops at Vancouver Chinese Garden 

  • Calligraphy QiGong Workshops for Confucius Institute at BCIT, Vancouver

  • Calligraphy / Qigong Calligraphy Lectures/Workshops/ Performance in communities, high schools and churches in Vancouver and Asia cities

  • Chinese Printing Performance at SUCCESS and churches

  • Private tutoring on Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings 

  • Calligraphy Qigong Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Fine Arts Teaching Certification

Mid-Autumn Festival

Qigong Calligraphy Performance

     Confucius Institute at BCIT Vancouver

    Chinese Calligraphy Workshops

    Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Chinese Garden

    Chinese Calligraphy Workshops for High School Students

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